Oona Insurance introduces ‘Kahoona’, the ultimate insurance business tool for intermediaries

Oona Insurance, a leading insurance provider in South East Asia, is sparing no effort to ensure that its partners have seamless interface with the brand as it formally introduced its Kahoona Platform in the Philippines.

Dubbed as the “Ultimate Insurance Business Tool,” Kahoona is equipped with an “Intuitive Performance Dashboard” and is replete with a host of digitally enabled features to make the entire sales and buying journey a breeze. Touted as the first of its kind, the platform will enable end to end sales journeys for Travel, CTPL, and Motor Comprehensive insurance to start, and with additional products to be added in the coming days.

The Kahoona platform has the ability of tracking sales and performance through its “Activity Tracker” and also has “Superior Selling Functionalities” that brings customer experience to another level but without the complications and the headaches of any paperwork.

“Partners and agents wanting to know more about Oona Insurance products merely have to scan Kahoona’s ‘Quick Product Preview’ features to get the required information in a flash. They can do this anytime, at their convenience without a fuss,” said Abhishek Bhatia, Oona Insurance founder and group chief executive officer.
Once an interested customer has decided to acquire a particular Oona Insurance product and is interested in knowing its price, the agent can get it instantly via Kahoona without any lag-time or hassle, and send it to their customer via email or phone.

Lastly, Kahoona is also capable of transacting and making sales to customers easy, as it allows the agents to complete the transaction at their end or send product/payment links to the client instantly and for immediate action through a wide range of payment platforms to choose from. Aside from convenience, these choices likewise ensure their safety and privacy.

As a game changer in the insurance industry, Oona’s Kahoona Sale Tool has feature rich functions that include a “Resource Centre,” “Auto-fill Forms using OCR” also known as Optical Character Recognition) and “Image-based Risk Assessment”.

“Moreover, businesses planning to use Kahoona as a sale tool, will also find out that it is equipped with a “Easy Sales Management” feature allowing agents to stay-on top with daily reminders and keep track of customers and potential leads,” Bhatia explained.

The Kahoona Sales Tool can be used on all communication devices. Bhatia said the launch of Kahoona is part of Oona’s desire to make the process of selling general insurance coverage a seamless experience through state of the art technology.

“We would like to be in the forefront of introducing new technology that would cater not only to our customers but also to our partners. Combining care, empathy and the best possible technology available such as the Kahoona Sales Tool gives Oona agents and partners a great advantage over our competitors. Our services can be immediately felt and appreciated by both customers and partners,” said Ramon Zandueta, Oona Insurance Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer.

He added that merging Kahoona’s capabilities to Oona will greatly enhance its reputation of being a “gamechanger”. Zandueta maintained that “memorable experiences are part of every meaningful brand engagement” and emphasized that Kahoona will add this appeal to Oona here in the Philippines. He also pointed out that Kahoona’s introduction renews Oona’s commitment to “make immediate use of next level technology to the Philippines.”

“Our primary concern is always the customer, and we also want our partners and agents to benefit from having the access and the platform with the best class technology available. By using Kahoona, they can also have the best experience in selling, managing and satisfying customers’ needs and demands in a very competent and organized way,” Zandueta added.

He also expressed hope that Kahoona will be helpful in bringing in more efficiency and growth to Oona as a whole.

October 27, 2023

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October 27, 2023