Oona Insurance Announces Strategic Partnership with CamCom to Enhance Auto Insurance Assessments Using AI

Jakarta, 30 January 2024 – Oona Insurance, a leading digital general insurance platform in Southeast Asia with strong presence in Indonesia, announced its strategic partnership with leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provider CamCom today. This partnership is set to revolutionise the insurance landscape by harnessing AI to streamline car damage assessment through advanced image analysis, thereby resulting in enhanced speed, accuracy and transparency in risk assessments for policy underwriting and claims evaluation while protecting against fraud.

The automated process not only improves customer satisfaction but also serves as a powerful tool in fraud reduction and operational cost optimisation. As a result of this partnership, several key features will be added. This includes:
1. Severity assessment, ensuring a swift and accurate evaluation of impact severity with a risk rating
2. Fraud detection and prevention, incorporating predictive analytics, geo-location tagging, time stamp and image authenticity analysis to effectively identify and prevent fraud.

Traditionally, the insurance customers’ risk inspection journeys can be challenging, leaving customers feeling disconnected and frustrated with lengthy processes. In collaboration with CamCom, Oona has designed a clear and interactive step-by-step guide, available in both Indonesian and English languages, to help Indonesian customers seamlessly obtain online coverage within minutes, in line with local market’s needs .

Sourabh Chatterjee, Group Chief Technology Officer of Oona Insurance, said “We are excited to partner with CamCom and introduce this groundbreaking technology to our customers in Indonesia. This collaboration represents Oona’s transformative leap forward in auto insurance assessments, promising a faster, more accurate, and intuitive experience for our customers.”

Due to increased transparency, customers will now be able to benefit from receiving real-time updates on their claims, enhancing clarity and building customer confidence. The streamlined claims settlement process ensures swift resolution, reducing waiting times and delivering a seamless customer experience. Additionally, Oona proudly announced that CamCom abides by ISO 27001 standards, prioritising data security and privacy to safeguard customer information.

“Our partnership with Oona marks a significant stride in revolutionising the insurance landscape. The integration of advanced features reflects our shared commitment to providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that prioritise accuracy, transparency and security.” said Mahesh Subramanian, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of CamCom.

January 30, 2024

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January 30, 2024